DE - Scholarship

Dual Enrollment Scholarship

Are you a dual enrollment student?

If you are we have a great scholarship opportunity for you!

Hardman Construction has graciously provided the Hardman Construction Dual Enrollment Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity provides funding for students who may not have the means to travel to class or purchase books needed for dual enrollment classes.

  • A 2.0 GPA or higher is required to enroll in academic courses. 

  • A 67% or higher overall completion rate for the semester is required.

  • Eligible students must be economically disadvantaged with eligibility determined by the WSCC Financial Aid Office.

  • Interested students should complete the enrollment process and then will be referred to the WSCC Financial Aid office for scholarship eligibility.

If you meet these qualifications, complete the 2017-18 Hardman Construction Dual Enrollment Scholarship Application.

If you have questions, contact the financial aid office at 231.843.5518.