Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

Obtain college credit while in high school

Dual Enrollment is designed to provide an opportunity for qualified high school students to obtain college credit while still in high school through the Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act

Dual enrollment affords students educational enrichment in specific areas where unusual ability and interest are displayed, especially in courses and academic areas not available in the students' high school.

Why should you dual enroll? 

  • Save Money – Community college courses are less expensive than courses taken at a four-year college or university and dual enrollment tuition and fees are typically paid for by your high school! 

  • Get Ahead – Courses taken through dual enrollment may count toward a college degree!  

  • More Variety – Dual enrollment students can take courses that are not offered by their high school. 

  • Self-Confidence – By taking college courses during high school, you will get an early look at how college works.  You can learn about college expectations and processes while still in high school. 

  • Meet Requirements – You may be able to use college courses to satisfy high school graduation requirements but always ask your high school counselor first.  

  • Prove you are Ready – Dual enrollment helps you to prove to yourself and others that you are ready for college level work. 

Ready to get started?  Check out the Steps for Dual Enrollment!  

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