Drop, Add, Withdraw

Dropping, Adding, or Withdrawing

Read this information carefully

You can change your mind about your class schedule after you’ve registered for your classes.

Be mindful that adding, dropping, or withdrawing may affect

  • Financial Aid

  • Veterans’ Benefits

  • Academic standing

We advise you to see an academic advisor for assistance before making any changes.

**NOTE: Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific Add, Drop, and Withdrawal dates for each semester.**


Adding Classes

You can add a course to your schedule online via my.westshore.edu, if you are in good academic standing, until the beginning of the first day of classes. Students not in good academic standing, must meet with an advisor to register for courses.  After the first day of classes, you may only add a new course by working with a Student Services Advisor and only for a course that has not yet met for the semester.  Be advised that adding a course after the payment deadline requires payment or available financial aid or you will be dropped from ALL your courses.

The College has determined that late registration is detrimental to the academic success of students. Historically, research shows that students who arrive late into courses already in progress are less successful than those who begin on time. These students may also disrupt the classes they join, and, in order to catch up, may make unrealistic demands upon themselves and their instructors.

Once a course has met once, students are not permitted to enroll in that course.  For online courses, students may not enroll after the mandatory orientation has taken place.  Students with a current schedule may register for courses that have already begun if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Same course section switch, or

  • Dean of Instruction approval for documented extenuating circumstances

Dropping Classes                      

You can drop courses for 100% refund through the second week of classes.  If you are in good academic standing, you may do so via my.westshore.edu; otherwise you would need to fill out a Drop Form, which may be obtained through Student Services or meeting with your advisor. Courses dropped will not appear in your academic record. 

Dropping unwanted classes is YOUR responsibility. Failure to drop unwanted courses could result in an ‘F’ for the course and affect your academic standing.


You will be administratively dropped from all of your courses if:

  • You do not have a payment method in place by the payment deadline

  • You are reported as not attending class during the first two weeks of the semester

Withdrawing from Classes

Dropping a class past the drop deadline requires completion of a Withdrawal Form, which can be picked up in the Student Services office. You will not receive a refund for a class you withdraw from. Withdrawing will not affect your GPA, but a ‘W’ will remain on your permanent record, your academic transcript.

Withdrawing from a class may affect your Academic Standing or Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). If you are on Financial Aid and withdraw from ALL of your courses, you may owe money back.