Library Policies

Library Policies

Study Rooms

The primary purpose of the WSCC Library’s group study rooms is to provide students and faculty with a place for quiet study and discussion in small groups of two or more people.

The study rooms are intended primarily for groups of two or more students, but individuals may use these rooms based on availability.  Any room that has not been reserved in advance is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  The person who reserves or checks out the room, or a designee of this person, is responsible for informing the library staff that the function is over.

The study rooms may be reserved for up to an hour and a half.  Reservations can be made by calling the circulation desk at (231) 843-5529 or by signing up in person at the circulation desk.  If no other reservations have been made, a group can extend their reservation for additional time.  The reservation for a group study room is nullified if the group is more than fifteen minutes late for their reservation.  Students will be asked to vacate a room when their reserved time expires if others are waiting.

Rooms are not soundproof and the library’s noise policy still applies.  Library policies concerning food and drinks apply to the use of these rooms.  Library staff will monitor rooms. Windows are not to be obstructed and doors will be accessible at all times.  The library assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal property left in a study room.

Study rooms are a privilege, not a right.  Any patron who abuses these policies may lose his or her access to the study rooms.

Personal Belongings

The library is not responsible for the security of personal items brought into the library, and will not hold patrons’ belongings behind the desk under any circumstances.  It is the responsibility of each patron to monitor his or her bags at all times.


Feel free to talk quietly in the library.  Patrons whose conversations or electronic devices are loud enough to bother other patrons will be asked to quiet down or step into the atrium.


All patrons, including non-students, are expected to abide by the Campus Standards in order to use the library space and services.  See the WSCC Catalog for the full list of Standards.

Food and Drink

Food and drink are allowed in the library as long as patrons are respectful of library equipment and materials and clean up after themselves.  Drinks must have lids.

The library staff reserves the right to temporarily refuse or suspend service to any patron who does not follow these procedures or becomes a threat or severe disruption to other patrons or staff.  Violations of the aforementioned expectations or the College’s Campus Standards will result in a report to the Dean of Student Services, who will conduct a student hearing, as outlined in the Campus Standards.