Community Service

Community Service

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It is our pleasure to offer classes and programs that provide you and your family with opportunities to learn, grow, and develop.

Community Service class offerings enable you to improve the quality of your life through lifelong learning. This program of fee-based classes is designed to serve individuals with physical or personal goals that do not require college credit. You do not need to be a credit student and there is no application process. There are no transcripts or grades and classes are available to anyone who registers with us.

Many classes are offered in response to a specific population's expressed interest or need. Swimnastics, aquarobics, body shaping, weight training, and full body flexibility are among the community service classes offered by the college.

To register, please follow the directions to complete our online registration process:  Community Service Registration Steps.

Your enrollment fees keep this valuable program going. Thank you!

2017 Fall Community Service Class Schedule
2018 Winter Community Service Class Schedule

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