Michigan Colleges Online

The Michigan Colleges Online (MCO) provides students with expanded access to online courses and programs of study through all Michigan community colleges.

If you can't find the course or program you're looking for at WSCC and you think you can be successful with online learning, check out the MCO website. This collaborative is designed to allow current Michigan community college students to take courses from other member colleges while still receiving support services at the designated "home" college and maintaining their academic record at the college from which they are seeking a degree or certificate (the "degree-granting" college).

Here's how MCO works:

  • Colleges that will be offering and conducting the courses are considered Provider colleges.

  • Colleges that will be supporting students taking courses via the MCO with library services, advising, testing, tutoring, etc. are considered Home colleges.

  • The college from which a student is pursuing a program of study (associates degree or certificate of completion) is considered the Degree-granting college. Each student must seek Financial Aid and Academic Advising from their Degree-granting college.

  • As a student enrolling via the MCO, you will need to identify a home college when requesting registration into a course.

  • Transfer equivalencies can be determined by accessing the Michigan Transfer Network.

  • You will receive course information from the Provider college and complete the course through that college.

  • You will pay tuition to the Provider college.

  • After the completion of the course, the Provider college will notify the degree-granting college so the course can be included on your transcript.

  • Complete degrees and certificates can be earned online. Check out the listing here.