Volunteer Opportunities

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Be a Campus Volunteer!

Gain valuable experience while helping others

THANK YOU for your interest in volunteering at West Shore Community College! 

The volunteer program is structured to provide volunteers, at all levels of education, an opportunity to gain valuable experience in a variety of positions throughout the campus. 

Current students are also encouraged to volunteer to gain job skills, volunteer experience, and in some cases, earn credit while working in a professional college setting. 

For those on the receiving end of voluntary assistance, it is often a lifeline. Many of our students rely on volunteers to lessen their sense of isolation, to offer advice and support and to provide practical help.


For those who choose to volunteer, it can be a chance to grow in confidence and acquire new skills. It is also an opportunity to meet new people and forge new friendships. And of course, there is the sense of achievement and satisfaction that comes from helping others.


Volunteering is invaluable on the individual level, but it is also important to us on a campus wide level.  At a small community college our volunteers serve in a variety of positions and help us deliver valuable services to our students and entire community.