Student Achievement Reporting

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Student Achievement Reporting

West Shore Community College works to ensure students and the public have access to fair, accurate and complete information.  In this case, we are reporting on student achievement. 


To provide context, we have also included some basic demographics. In the next pages, you will find information about graduation rates, transfer rates and retention rates reported through two sources. 


First, like every post-secondary institution in the country, the college is required to submit data to IPEDS, or the Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data Systems of the U.S. Department of Education.  This system focuses on graduation and transfer rates for full-time, first-time college students, which is a fairly small subset of the college’s total population, representing less than half of the students who begin at WSCC every fall. This system tracks students for a three-year period. 


Second, the college participates in the Voluntary Framework for Accountability, which is a system designed by community colleges, for community colleges.  We believe this system more fairly represents the outcomes our students achieve because the population of part-time students is so high. This systems tracks student completion over a six-year period.