Emergency Evacuation Maps

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Emergency Evacuation Maps

There are evacuation route and shelter area maps posted in the hallways of all WSCC buildings. Take time to review the map for your area, so you will know the best route to exit the building or to seek shelter inside during an emergency.

During an emergency – walk and remain calm. Help persons with disabilities or notify emergency rescue personnel to assist a person with disabilities.


     - Be aware of pre-designated primary and alternate evacuations routes.

     - Leave buildings in an orderly manner.

     - Each employee is responsible to insure that their work area is secure as he/she evacuates. 

     - This includes closing windows, verifying that all persons are out of an area and closing the

       door as he/she leaves.  Do Not re-enter an area that has been evacuated.  The closed door

       signals to all that space is secure.

     - Evacuate and proceed to assigned building (the links below detail the evacuation route for each building).