Budget Transparency

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Budget Transparency

Financial & Planning Documents

As a publicly funded institution, West Shore Community College is committed to ensuring long-term stability and financial health of the college, including providing timely, accurate financial reporting to our staff, students, and community. Here you will find financial and the pertinent planning documents that guide important decisions made by the Board of Trustees.

Financial Statements

Year ended June 30, 2017

Year ended June 30, 2016

Year ended June 30, 2015

Reports on Financial Statements

Report on Financial Statements

Report on Financial Statements

Single Audit

Single Audit

Single Audit

Statement of Auditing Standards

Statement of Auditing Standards

Statement of Auditing Standards


Annual Budgets

FY 2018 General Fund Budget

FY 2017 General Fund Budget

FY 2016 General Fund Budget

FY 2017 Budget Amendment

General fund revenue and expenditure projections for fiscal year 2016-17 and 2017-18.

Facility Master Plans

Master Plan 2017

Master Plan 2016

Master Plan 2015

Activities Classification Structure
– Uniform and comparable financial data from Michigan state-

supported community colleges.

Local Strategic Value Resolution - How the college meets strategic value best practice measurements.

2017 Resolution
2016 Resolution

2015 Resolution


Collective Bargaining Agreements


Support Staff


Health Care Benefits

Medical/Prescription Plan A          Dental     FT Vision     PT Vision      Health Insurance Eligibility

Medical/Prescription Plan B

Medical/Prescription Plan C

Estimated Cost to the College Resulting from the Patient Protection and
Affordable Care Act
Debt Services Obligations - West Shore Community College is Debt Free, No Reportable Debt Services Obligation

Joint Capital Outlay Subcommittee Use and Finance Bi-Annual Reporting

January 2015 through June 2015

July 2015 through December 2015

January 2016 through June 2016

July 2016 through December 2016

January 2017 through June 2017

July 2017 through December 2017
Section 209 Dual Enrollment Survey